Kangaroo Creek Farm is a hobby farm located in Lake Country, BC. They have been keeping kangaroos and wallabies for more than 20 years. They do not promote them as house pets but rather as alternative hobby farm pets to very specific types of situations. They currently have Red Kangaroos (the largest type of kangaroo), Common Wallaroos and Bennett Wallabies (which are mid sized), and Dama Wallabies (one of the smallest wallaby species). Also on site they have emu, peacocks, fancy chickens, goats, parrots, a baby albino wallaby, baby kangaroos and potbellied pigs. Kangaroo Creek Farm also has 2 capybaras, the world’s largest rodent, which can weigh more than 150 lbs!

As a growing tourist attraction (100's of visitors a day in the summer!) Ink Mink Media & Graphic Design worked closely with Kangaroo Creek Farm to create a website that is fun, bright, showcases the farm & animals, as well as channels their humour (The Rules they have are pretty great!).

One of the main things that we absolutely loved creating for Kangaroo Creek Farm were the custom illustrations for the "Rules". Since they are written in such a humours manner we matched them with smart-alec illustrations. You can view the full set here on their "Rules Page".

Kangaroo Creek Farm


Kangaroo Creek Farm Rules

View Full Set of Illustrated Rules HERE.

Don't Eat in the Animal Pens
No boxing with the roos
Pay Attention To Your Kids