The Lake Country Rail Trail Action Team (LCRTAT) was set up to promote and provide information to the community and electorate of lake Country on the details of the Referendum to purchase 16 km of the CN rail corridor as a community asset. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join with the rest of the Okanagan to create a legacy and visionary rail trail from downtown Kelowna, through our community of Lake Country, and into Coldtream and Vernon.

Being from Lake Country the idea of having a Rail Trail that connects Lake Country via trail to Kelowna and Vernon was and still is very exciting. The Rail Trail action team came to us for help in getting the correct information out to the general public about the benefits and hard facts of the rail trail. Of course, Ink Mink Media & Graphic Design was thrilled to work them in creating an online information hub for the community to use.

The website was created in Wordpress so that the members of the Action Team could easily and quickly update any of the information regarding the rail trail before the referendum took place. Thankfully Lake Country voted YES! The Rail Trail project is not complete, but we are one step closer to a connected Okanagan.

Lake Country Rail Trail Action Team